BackupHawk is a fully managed and secure data backup service to ensure your business data is always protected in case of disasters. We make sure all your important business data is backed up and always available in case needed.

Computers and servers die. Hard drives fail. Offices are burglarized, vandalized or damaged due to fire or water incidents. In each case, you could lose important data that is critical to running your business. With BackupHawk, you will have peace of mind that no matter what happens, all your important data is backed up in our ultra-secure and safe cloud storage and available anytime you need it.

BackupHawk ensures that all data is encrypted with military-grade algorithms. This level of security is in effect both in transit and for as long as your data is stored in our cloud storage.

Once you sign up for BackupHawk, our engineers will take care of scheduling backups. Typically, backups are scheduled to happen every night.

With BackupHawk, the backup service is fully managed so you don’t have to lift a finger. We take care of everything from setup, locating important data to backup, scheduling backups to regularly monitoring to make sure the backups are working as intended.

With BackupHawk, there is no pre-set quota for typical personal or small business users. We believe all your important data must be backed up and we take price in ensuring that it happens no matter what it takes. We will let you know if you use storage beyond normal.

If you need to recover any files or entire backups, just contact our support personnel via our 24×7 online chat or at .

BackupHawk is a fully managed service so you don’t have to worry about anything. We monitor your backup operations on a daily basis and will inform you if any issues arise. You will also receive a monthly report.

Absolutely. You will receive a monthly report of all your backup activities. In addition, you can always request a report by contacting our support personnel at Our typical response time window is 4-8 hours.

The account owner may give authority to anyone else by sending a request with the person’s identity information (name, telephone, and email address) to

As a fully managed service, we take the burden of locating any files that you wish to be recovered. Just let us know what you need and we will handle it.

If you need to recover any files or entire backups, just contact our support personnel via our 24×7 online chat or at

Depending on the size of your data and exactly what you need recovered, it could take minutes to hours if you need large amounts of data or complete backups restored.

We take data safety and security very seriously. That is why we encrypt all data with top encryption algorithms. For this reason, backups are not directly visible or usable. If you need to share files of folders from the backup, you need to send us a restore request.

Yes. When you sign up with BackupHawk, we ship you a physical external hard drive. All you have to do is connect it to your server. When our engineers setup the scheduled backups, they will take care of setting up a second nightly backup to the local external hard drive. This way, you always have two copies of your important data: one locally on the external hard drive, and one in our cloud storage space. This ensures maximum business continuity and fastest time to recovery in case of disasters.

Not a problem. As a fully managed service, our engineers will take care of everything for you. We will assist you to discontinue any existing backup services after BackupHawk has properly backed up all your important data.

Your data belongs only to you. We only store it in a highly secured cloud storage. If you decide to cancel your service, we securely erase all your data from our cloud storage space. The local external hard drive and the backup data that may reside on it is yours to keep or you may return it to us for secure destruction.

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